About Tyne & Wear Oils

The Cylinder Service Centre / TW Oils SiteTyne & Wear Oils Ltd is a part of a group of companies that also includes The Cylinder Service Centre business.

Now very much a commercial entity in its own right, Tyne & Wear Oils was started because we identified that there was a clear need to create a new, separate business dedicated to the provision of hydraulic fluids, oils and other lubricants. A business that could attend to the lubrication and fluid requirements of the current and past customers of The Cylinder Service Centre while at the same time allowing expansion to serve a whole range of customer categories beyond our historical engineering base.

In particular we could see that there was a clear need for a dedicated lubrication and fluids business to service the North East of England.

Of course it is our engineering background that is the bedrock of the business and in particular the extensive expertise we have in the field of hydraulics. This has been the cornerstone of the business right from the start.

This engineering foundation has in the past led us into automotive maintenance for commercial vehicles, with hydraulic fluid supply and lubrication being natural extensions to that area of our work. It has been a small step from that, to start to supply lubricants for other general automotive requirements - beyond the purely commercial.

Our lubrication supply now covers most areas and, as part of the dealerships we have established, we also supply things like cutting fluids and more specialised lubrications solutions such as food grade products for food and drink manufacturing purposes.

We now supply beyond the boundaries of the North East as The Cylinder Service Centre has customers throughout the UK and we have found demand coming from all regions.

The Tyne & Wear Oils business continues grow and we have added several new dealerships to the business since its inception. You will also see that we now supply products under our own brand as an established industrial lubricant supplier.

We expect to announce further exciting developments throughout 2017.

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