TetraBOOST canTyne and Wear Oil are happy to be a stockist for TetraBOOST.

Designed for legacy engined, TetraBOOST is the only additive that makes real leaded fuel from the now standard unleaded pump.

It has now come to be recognised as the de-facto standard for fuel additives and is specified by:

  • National Motor Museums in the UK, France and The Netherlands,
  • acknowledged marque experts
  • restoration companies
  • engine builders
  • vintage and classic race teams

Indeed most of the most famous and irreplaceable vintage and classic cars and bikes now run and race on fuel that includes the TetraBOOST additive.

TetraBOOST is perfect for both road and race use and not only enables vintage vehicle driverd to mix genuine leaded 4 or 5 star fuel as before, but TetraBOOST now contains anti-acid formulations designed to minimise the problems associated with ethanol water absorbtion and acid formulation which makes it ideal for both normal driving use and in winter conditions.

TetraBOOST is widely used and is now responsible for virtually all the leaded petrol used in the UK and for racing and touring in Europe.

Vintage Aston Martin DB5 using TetraBOOSTA box of TetraBOOST additive makes 700 litres of octane boosted leaded fuel with built-in ethanol protection. On the basis of 30mpg that delivers around 4000 miles of motoring per box.

TetraBOOST is specifically formulated for older engines and enables you to tour, race or tow without fear of damage caused by inadequate valve seat protection, pre-ignition or low octane fuel. TetraBOOST also slows the burn rate of modern fuels to a level more suitable for older engines, resulting in easier starting, smoother and cooler running as well as giving greater economy.


If you have an older engine and require an additive like TetraBOOST, then please get in touch now for immediate, free, no obligation advice.