Agricultural Lubricants Range

Agricultural Best SellersTyne and Wear Oils have sourced a hugely competitive range of Agricultural Oils that are sure to satisfy today's busy agricultural workers.

UTTO (Hytrans) - Universal Tractor Transmission Oil

Our UTTO (Hytrans) - Universal Tractor Transmission Oil is a top quality hydraulic-transmission fluid.

Specifically designed for use in agricultural tractor power transmission - hydraulic systems, inboard wet brakes and rear axles, UTTO is employed in the majority of modern farm tractors, agricultural machinery and some construction equipment.

Agriculture TractorAvailable sizes:

  • 20L
  • 25L
  • 205L

*Best Seller* 15w30 SUTO/STOU - Our Super Universal Tractor Oil Super (SUTO/STOU) is designed to cover virtually all the lubrication requirements of agricultural machinery including farm tractors.

SUTO 15w/30 is suitable for all four stroke, naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines and four stroke petrol engines.

Excellent for older machinery!

Available sizes:

  • 20L
  • 205L

More about UTTO.

High Performance Super Universal Tractor Oil (SUTO/STOU)

Our Semi Synthetic SUTO 10w30 High Performance Super Universal Tractor Oil is premium quality multi-grade high performance super universal tractor oil.

It is manufactured from high quality mineral base oils and synthetic base stocks, combined with the latest additive technology.

This results in very high performance universal oil capable of performing in severe operations conditions created by the machinery.

Available sizes:

  • 20L
  • 205L

More about SUTO/STOU.

Chainsaw Oil

Our Chainsaw Oil in either 68XT or 100XT is a specially formulated chainsaw oil, manufactured from solvent refined paraffinic base oil treated with unique additives.

Anti-fling additives help the oil remain on the chain at high speeds and heavy loads.

Available sizes:

  • 68XT- 20L
  • 100XT - 20L

NOTE: ALL of our products are supplied with a VAT invoice as standard.

Additional Agricultural Lubricants Available

    For other applications see Types of Lubricant.

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