Soluble Fluids

Tyne & Wear Oils offer a range of soluble oils starting from general purpose through to heavy duty formulations. A choice suitable for a wide variety of machining and grinding operations.

These products are:

  • resistant to biological growth
  • outstanding in-process corrosion protection
  • well accepted by operators
  • Recyclable

Semi-Synthetic Fluids

Cutting FluidMicro-emulsions consist of small oil droplets, tightly emulsified in an aqueous solution.  This technology has been available many years and is now weel proven. The range of products we have available is is highly versatile and are:

  • suitable for most alloys
  • suitable for most types of machining, grinding and honing
  • resistant to biological growth
  • easy to clean up
  • recyclable


Synthetic machining fluids are completely oil-free and provide numerous benefits, such as

  • facilitating a clean working environment
  • maximising rejection of tramp oil for extended sump life
  • low foam
  • recyclable
  • maximum cooling properties

Soluble Cutting Oil White Water Coolant 20 Litre

Soluble Cutting Oil White Water Coolant 20 Litre Soluble Cutting Oil White Water Coolant supplied by CSC Oil and Hyrdaulics is high oil chlorine-free soluble oil, multi metal compatible, suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

An excellent ALL PURPOSE Cutting Oil.


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