Food Grade

food gradeThe food and drink processing industry presents some unique operational and maintenance challenges. Not only must maximum productivity be achieved, but food contamination must be prevented, including contamination from lubricating oils and greases.

Engineered for Food Safety

Tyne & Wear Oils supplies lubrication solutions for food machinery that are specifically formulated to help maximise productivity while protecting food quality. They provide high-performance lubrication for a variety of food processes, including: meat, dairy, baked goods, soft drinks, brewing, pet food, sugar, pharmaceuticals and grain.

The Tyne & Wear Oils range has been designed for the diverse operating conditions found in the food processing industry. These conditions range from extreme freezing and baking temperatures to frequent high-pressure washdowns, and hot, corrosive atmospheres.

Tyne & Wear Oils lubricants are formulated for food products destined for many global markets and are manufactured for use in Halal and Kosher (Parve) food preparation. They also have been specifically designed to comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) planning schedules. This is a globally accepted, systematic risk-management approach to food safety.

Global Machine Manufacturer Approvals

Tyne & Wear Oils only supplies products that have been thoroughly tested before release and are well supported by machine manufacturer approvals and field trial experience.

Technical Support

You can trust Tyne & Wear Oils to supply food industry lubricants and expertise to help you optimise the productivity of your business, while protecting the quality of your production and the safety of your customers.

Product Range

Here is a sample of our range of food grade products:

  • Food Grade White Oil 15
  • Foodgrade Airline 22
  • Foodgrade Hydraulic 32
  • Foodgrade Hydraulic 46
  • Foodgrade Machinery 100
  • Food Grade White Oil 68
  • Food Grade Chain Oil 220
  • Food Grade Gear Oil 220
  • FG HT Chain Lube 300
  • Food Grade Penetrating Oil
  • Food Grade Synthetic Oil 32
  • Mobil SHC Cibus™ Series → [info]

See also: biolubricants.

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