Greases Best SellersThe efficiency and productivity demands of modern business often require pushing machines to extremes and constantly trying to make them work to ever greater limits.

In such an environment to effectively lubricate a wide range of machinery, you need greasing solutions that can provide the necessary protection to improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

greased bearing detailTyne & Wear Oils supply a wide range of leading-edge greases from major manufacturers that can help provide better equipment protection, extended machine life, and enable problem-free operations.

You can rely on Tyne & Wear Oils to supply advanced high performance greases for extreme and specialty applications. The greases we supply are based on carefully selected mineral and synthetic basefluids in combination with patented thickener technology and synergistic additive systems.

These greases are designed specifically to meet a wide variety of operating conditions in both industrial and mobile equipment, including extreme applications such as:

  • high and low temperatures
  • water contamination
  • heavy, or shock loads
  • variable speeds

 Greases Explained

Viscosity Range

Tyne & Wear Oils supply greases in a range of viscosity grades to offer you added choice and flexibility. We are in touch with all of our suppliers on a continual basis to make sure we can provide the very latest technically advanced greases.

Engineered Solutions

We are committed to sourcing greases that are engineered to keep your machinery operating in top form and deliver:

  • Enhanced equipment reliability and performance
  • Cost-effective lubrication and reduced waste
  • Improved productivity

Making Maintenance Easier

Tyne & Wear Oils supply greases designed to make the maintenance function easier by providing:

  • Reduced complexity in the purchasing process by offering advice and technical support
  • Peace of mind by supplying consistent high quality, high perfomance products

As an ISO 9000 Certified business, quality is central to Tyne & Wear Oils. Whether you are a maintenance manager, business owner, or lubrication technician our consistent quality and high standards ensure you can get your job done right.

You can rely on TW Oils to supply advanced greases to help your machinery to produce more, more efficiently, faster and with reduced downtime.

If you have an immediate industrial lubrication or fluid requirement, then please get in touch now for immediate, free, no obligation advice.