Gulf Manufactured Lubricants

Gulf has a long history, going back more than 100 years, of bringing technically proven, high quality products to market. Currently it offers one of the widest product portfilios in the market.

Committed to ongoing innovation, the business is especially focussed on the need for lubricant formulations that can reduce exhaust emissions and meet ever more stringent performance and legislative requirements.

The product range is split into six broad categories.

Gulf CollageAutomotive Lubricants

A full range of viscosity levels are offered from 0W-30 to 20W-50 formulated in synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral based fluids.

This range covers products for diesel-powered vehicles that meet the stringent requirements suitable for both the European and North American markets.

The range is aimed at both commercial and private vehicles.

Automotive Fluids and Greases

This range is a comprehensive collection of fluids for automotive gearboxes and transmissions covering a wide range of applications.

Also in this range are brake and clutch fluids, engine coolants, anti-freezes and greases.

Motor Cycle and General Lubricants

This range is a full selection of two-stroke and four-stroke oils which cover everything from motorcylces to biodegradable boat engine oils. Additionally, there is a full range of competition lubricants, greases and fluids for motorcycles.

Industrial Lubricants

A variety of specialist, cost-effective lubricants covering an extensive list of industrial applications. These range from marine and railway uses through gear, drill, hydraulic and turbine oils to compressor, transformer and metal-working fluids.

Also within this range are greases and rust preventatives.

Agricultural Lubricants

This range includes tractor lubricants as well as non-toxic, Argentfrut spray oils, to control insects on fruit trees.

Specialist Lubricants

Beyond the sizeable and demanding markets of Europe and the USA, there are specialist requirements for other countries that Gulf works with its customers to fulfil.

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