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Tyne and Wear Oils specialises in the provision of high performance, cost effective lubrication and engineering fluid solutions to the North East of England.

down arrowTyne & Wear oils has a heritage of more than 20 years supplying high perfomance engineering solutions to demanding industrial sectors such as the oil and gas industry. It is this background that gives us the expertise to select the best possible suppliers to deliver the optimum lubrication and fluid solutions to our customers.

The fine balance between cost and performance is not always easy to achieve. Choose the wrong solution and the life of the machine or device can be greatly reduced. However, better performance oils and fluids can greatly extend the life of the machine or unit and/or reduce the service intervals. It is the cost benefit analysis at the point of purchase that can often be problematic, confusing and so easy to get wrong.

Tyne & Wear Oils is dedicated to supporting our customers in the North East of England to select the right lubrication and industrial fluid solution.

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