Hydraulic Oils & Fluids

hydraulic oil containersTyne and Wear Oils offer a high quality, comprehensive range of hydraulic oils and fluids. All of our hydraulic oils are formulated to prevent:

  • wear
  • oxidation
  • corrosion
  • foaming

Unlike some of our competitors we ONLY sell VIRGIN OIL (i.e. not recycled) to guarantee you best performance and protection for your machinery.

Hydraulic Oils Explained

Due to the nature of their operation, hydraulic systems need to be protected by clean, high quality, anti-wear hydraulic oils.

Surging pressures in pumps and valves can increase metal-to-metal contact unless anti-wear protection is present.

Our hydraulic oils (32, 46 and 68) offer all of the standard requirements for high grade hydraulic oil:

  • Heat stable: high resistance to reduction in volume under pressure
  • High viscosity index: low rate of change in viscosity with temperature

As the viscosity (thickness) of the oil increases, so does the density of the material, and a higher density results in oil that is less likely to respond to flow or other movement.

Basically an oil or lubricant with a viscosity grade of 46 is thicker and more solid-like than oil with a viscosity grade of 32 (although the difference is not as pronounced as say between a 32 and a 68).

While our ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil is a good all rounder, for any kind of heavier / industrial machinery we tend to recommend the ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil (it is what we use in our parent company factory!).

How often do I need to renew the hydraulic oil in my system?

This depends on a number of factors including the oil temperature, the application, work cycle and level of filtration installed within the hydraulic circuit.

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