Industrial Oils Supplier

Tyne and Wear Oils are commercial and industrial oils and lubricant suppliers. We do not deal with the general public, but instead stick to what we know well.

Industrial Oil ContainersWith an industrial pedigree extending back more than 20 years, the Tyne and Wear Oils team has the breadth of experience and depth of knowledge to fully support our industrial customers.

This pedigree means we can provide advice and guidance to help you get the best possible solution for your lubrication and fluid needs.

We have dealership relationships with a wide range of general and specialist manufacturers and distributors giving our team extensive additional support in delivering highly technical industrial solutions.

These are often household names such as Total, Elf, Mobil and Gulf. However the list also includes more specialist providers such as Varol, Belray, Miller's Oils and Rock Oil.

Having these relationships means that even if we have an unexpectedly large order, our existing supplier relationships make it easy for us to get the order fulfilled quickly.

By large we mean everything from a 1000L intermediate bulk container(IBC), to a tanker full. For smaller orders we do have an extensive range of on-site stock which can be shipped out immediately.

Having these close supplier relationships also means that we can zero in on specialist needs for the more unusual industrial requirements such as specialised hydraulic fluids, or lubricants for niche machine applications.

So, even if we do not have small quantities of a specialist industrial lubricant, or fluid in stock, we can still get it shipped out to you relatively quickly.

Technical Guidance

Modern lubrication and fluid technology means that products are now much more than barrels of oil. The engineering behind the hydraulic fluid or lubrication required for 21st century machines and transport is as extensive as the machines it is meant to be used on.

This advanced technology may bring extended life and performance to the machine, but it means that choosing the right product is both more critical and often more difficult.

It is for these reasons that we recognise the importance of good advice and so are very happy to provide detailed guidance on the best product for your application.

As a dedicated industrial oils supplier, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with a specialist that has your long term interests at heart.

Why not get in touch now for immediate support and advice on how we can help you make the right choice.