Lubricant Suppliers / Stockist

Tyne and Wear oils are lubricant suppliers and stockists.

Lubricant storageWe recognise the need to keep significant stocks of readily available lubricants on site for immediate delivery.

In recent years we have invested heavily in dedicated on-site storage to make sure we can maintain a high level of service to our customer base.

Our on-site lubricant store contains all of our most frequently ordered products - our best seller lists.

This allows us to offer same day delivery to our local customers and next day delivery to the vast majority of other mainland UK customers.

Our lubricant storage is not the full story of course as we supply a very extensive range of lubricants, industrial oils, fluids and greases.

Our close working relationship with our supplier base means that we can still often make next day delivery, even if we do not keep the lubricant or oil in stock.

It is this mix between on-site storage and working closely with our supply chain that means we can offer a superior service level to both local and national customers.

Future Lubricant Storage and Supply

The business is growing continuously and we are constantly fine tuning the lubricants and oils we keep in stock to make sure we are in line with what our customers want the most.

Oils and lubricants are highly technical products these days and are changing all of the time in line with new technologies and vehicles. We also take these changes into account in deciding what to stock.

This means our oil store is constantly being re-optimised in line with customer demand and market forces.

Our close working relationship with our suppliers also helps us to keep in touch with the market and what will be needed in the future.

However we also keep working on our supplier base to add new sources to provide more choice and coverage where demand shows we have a gap.

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