Where in the World Can I Find the Oil I Need?

When we supply marine oils for vessels and on board equipment we know that they can then end up anywhere in the world. Similarly with aviation oil, our oil can literally fly worldwide. Sometimes however, due to lack of availability in their home country, we get worldwide oil enquiries to simply act as an oil stockist - albeit a remote one!

A customer from an avionics company in Hungary recently contacted us with this very specific request for aviation oil:


Qty: 10 L

MFG: Total

We can accept only this product! We can't accept similar products or alternatives!

We can accept product with expired shelf life!

We can accept offer with lead time.

Initially this presented a problem as the customer was sure the product was no longer made, and this is why they were not concerned about lead times or expiry. A second problem was that the customer was not interested in an alternative oil - regardless of whether we could match the specification (our usual go-to solution when a product is out of production).

How do we source oil?

In this case we had the manufacturer - so it was simply a case of going straight to source. As a recognised and respected oil supply company we have contacts within all of the major oil companies. This means we can ask specialists who deal with specific types of oil and get fast responses!

After a brief email conversation with our 'person on the inside' we were able to establish that the customer has been misled by other companies and the product was simply not available in the United Kingdom. The product was still made and available in France and we were able to provide the company with the following:

Product Code Commercial Product Name Packaging Code Plant Code Plant Commodity code / Import code
114316 AEROTURBINE 921 4B5L TOT C AAA0 005 - EntrepĂ´t Rouen 2710198100

While this may not seem initially useful, this information allowed the customer to contact TOTAL in France and ask for the nearest distributor of that product code.

This may seem like a lot of work for an enquiry that was only going to yield a 10L order (although in fact the product is only available in 4 x 5 L boxes) BUT we made a connection with a very friendly avionics company in Hungary AND we learned something ourselves.

Tyne and Wear Oils supplies not just oils for aviation applications, but also greases, hydraulic fluids and engine protection lubricants. If you have a need for aviation oil, or any other aviation related fluids - get in touch, we are sure we can help you out.

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