Tyne & Wear Oils is NAS 6 Stockist

In keeping with our development as a supplier of premium oil to industry requiring the highest specification, Tyne and Wear Oils are pleased to announce we now stock pre-filtered NAS 6 certified hydraulic oil.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about this oil.

What is the NAS Cleanliness Standard?

NAS 1638 (and ISO 4406 1987) relates to different classes of fluid cleanliness, with each class defined in terms of the maximum allowed particle counts for designated particle size ranges.

The NAS 1638 cleanliness standard was originally developed for aerospace components in the USA, but is still widely used for industrial and aerospace fluid power applications. It is used widely in the UK North Sea industries.

The more common international standard is now ISO Cleanliness Code: ISO 4406, 1987 of which a NAS 6 classification equates to a cleanliness rating of 17/15/12 (Explained below)

Particle Counts Explained:

ISO 4406 range:

  • 17: 640 - 1300 particles greater than 2 micron in size
  • 15: 160 - 320 particles greater than 5 micron in size
  • 12: 20 - 40 particles greater than 15 microns in size

NAS 1638 (for class 6):

(Maximum allowed particle counts for designated particle size ranges)

Maximum Number of Particles / 100 ml:

  • 5-15 - 16000
  • 25-25 - 2850
  • 25-50 - 506
  • 50-100 - 90
  • >100 - 16

Is NAS 6 Hydraulic Oil worth paying a premium?

Measuring hydraulic system cleanliness is not straight forward, but flushing the system to ensure a NAS 6 degree of cleanliness, combined with our pre-filtered NAS 6 oil will ensure you are keeping your machinery squeaky clean!

Keeping your oil in good condition i.e. free from particle contamination will help to increase service life and prolong the life of:

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Cylinders
  • Seals

What types of hydraulic systems and applications might use pre-filtered Nas 6 certified oil?

NAS 6 certified hydraulic oils will be of use in:

  • High quality industrial hydraulics
  • Electromagnetic control valves
  • Proportional technology (pressure control technology)
  • High pressure systems
  • Lubrication systems

Do you keep NAS 6 Oil in stock?

Yes! We keep a constant supply of pre-filtered NAS 6 hydraulic oil on site for immediate dispatch (or collection).

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