Tyne & Wear Oils Announces New Storage Facility

It has been a long time coming, but at long last we can announce our new storage facility is fully open and ready for business.

bulk oil delivery

Tyne and Wear Oils supplies lubricants from a number of sources and speed of delivery is often a critical deciding factor for our customers. We therefore like to keep as wide a range as possible on site.

This addition of a new dedicated 168m2 oil storehouse allows to greatly extend the range we keep on site. This means the speedy service we give to our customers can now be much more comprehensive.

Continuing Expansion

This new investment for the business is part of a continuing path of expansion which has been steady since the business was launched in early 2015.

This expansion has been in terms of both volume and range allowing us to gradually increase the choice we provide to our customers.

Although very large bulk orders will still be supplied to order, the new storage facility allows us to keep much larger containers on site making it easier to supplier larger quantities on short lead times.

Improved Organisation

The new and improved storage facility will also allow easier access for picking which again will improve delivery turnaround times.

Combined with an improved packing area and facilities, our customers are already seeing the benefits.

More Information

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