Oiling the Wheels of Agriculture

There is no getting away from the fact that the North East cities are surrounded by countryside and farmland.

So, it should come as no surprise that one of the largest industrial sectors that we serve is Agriculture

farmer calls for lubricationFarming never really stops, but it does slow down a bit in the winter.

Now as we look forward to spring, as snowdrops sprout and early buds appear on trees, it is time for Agriculture to get fully up to speed once again.

As a leading supplier of Agricultural Oils in the North East, Tyne and Wear Oils have stocked up to keep our farming friends well supplied as they start working again in earnest.

We cover the full range of lubrication products needed in Agriculture, but our most popular are:

  • Super Universal Tractor Oil 10w30
  • Super Universal Tractor Oil 15w30
  • UTTO
  • Hytrans

All of these products are available in 20 litre containers and the ever-popular 25 litre (or 5 gallon) drum.

We also supply in bulk - so asking about the savings that can be made on bulk orders is always worthwhile.

Wide Coverage

In general we cover all of the North East from the borders to Yorkshire, but we are getting more and more demand from other regions.

We send out shipments with Fedex daily, so we are fully geared up to (and do) serve customers throughout the UK.

Our North East customers have the additional options of same day delivery or direct collection.

We are of course located just off the A1 so if you are coming from the north, south or west in particular we are easy to find and get to.

So, if you are a farmer, we wish you well for this coming year.

We are ready to serve your agricultural lubrication requirements just as soon as you get in touch.

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