TW Oils Supports Classic & Vintage Car Enthusiasts with 2 New Products

If you have been only been driving for a short time you may not realise the reason they refer to unleaded petrol as 'unleaded petrol' rather than just 'petrol' (as they do with diesel). The reason is that there used to be such a thing as LEADED petrol.

Vintage CarLeaded petrol was the norm until the 1990's when it was gradually phased out as new cars were made to run on UNleaded. With so few 'bangers' on the road thanks to scrappage schemes and trade-ins, the lack of leaded petrol does not affect many people, but it does affect some!

Many classic and vintage car enthusiatst owners have cars with engines that still need leaded petrol as the lead is required for the smooth running of the engine.

One of the ONLY long term solutions for car owners who need leaded petrol is to use an additive that can actually make REAL leaded petrol. One such additive is TetraBOOST.

Tyne and Wear Oil are happy to be a stockist for TetraBOOST.

TetraBOOST is the only additive that makes real leaded fuel from the unleaded pump. It has now come to be recognised as the de-facto standard for fuel additives and is specified by National Motor Museums in the UK, France and The Netherlands, acknowledged marque experts, restoration companies, engine builders and vintage and classic race teams. Indeed most of the most famous and irreplaceable vintage and classic cars and bikes now run and race on the TetraBOOST additive.

Our second new product is for a problem a little more common among ALL car owners (or rather the garages who repair the cars) -Metal Free Grease.

Sold in tubs for ease of application with a brush, this product is designed to provide squeal-free brakes!

Both of these products are quite niche, and were originally sourced as one-offs for particular customers. When we find something that can help car enthusiasts and mechanics in Tyne and Wear and nationwide however, we increase our orders and offer it to all.

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