TW Oils goes ON the rails

Look, we have to confess, that as bunch of engineering geeks we cannot resist the call of the railway and classic pre 1960s engineering.

So when we had a chance to offer some support to the refurbishment of the Brighton Bell, well ... resistance was low.

Brighton Bell front viewThe Brighton Belle started life in 1932 and was the first intercity electric Pullman train. Built in the height of the age of art deco, every carriage was designed individually to have its own unique character.

The train ran between London (Victoria) and Brighton and was famous in the mid 20th century for its stylish interior and silver service. Well known regular passengers included Sir Lawrence Olivier and even the Royal Family on some occasions.

It just survived being bombed in World War Two, but could not resist the brutal utilitarianism of 1970s British Rail when the high class catering was dropped in favour of plastic cups and plastic sandwiches.

At that time the engine was also showing its age and could not compete with faster and more suitable trains entering service at that time.

The various cars were retired from 1972 onwards and were scattered about the country.

In 2009 the 5BEL Charitable Trust was set up by Denis Dunstone to re-assemble as many of the old cars as possible and refurbish them as a self sustaining commercial catering venture.

This is where Tyne and Wear Oils was able to help as the trust were recently looking for some heavy duty hydraulic oil as part of the refurbishment.

Tyne and Wear Oils agreed to supply some SARMAX Hydraulic Oil (ISO 100) to support their work and because we just love what they are doing.

SARMAX Hydraulic Oil (ISO 100) is a high viscosity oil ideal for heavy lifting applications such as hydraulic presses or railway buffer units so it was a very good fit for the Brighton Belle application.

sequence of interiors of the Brighton Bell

The project is well on its way and the plan is to have everything up and running for some time in 2019.

We are very glad to support this project and wish the refurbishment the best of luck for the final run on a very long journey.

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