Soluble Cutting Oil from TWO Keeps Museum Workshop on the Rails

The Bowes Railway, built by George Stephenson in 1826, is the only working railway system of its type in the WORLD. Tyne and Wear Oils are happy to support the museum and workshop dedicated to keeping these ancient wheels turning with a donation of soluble cutting oil.

Soluble Oil for Bowes RailwayThe railway is run and maintained by The Bowes Railway Company a charity dedicated to the preservation, operation and exhibition of the railway for educational and instructional purposes for the public at large.

The railway is in fact part of The Bowes Railway Museum which is based around workshops at Springwell, Gateshead.

Their Engineering Manager came to us a few weeks ago with the following query:

"Do you have such a thing called soluble cutting oil? One of our volunteers has asked me for some and I don't know what it is."

Our answer was a simple one:

"I would imagine that the gentleman in question is cutting/milling/grinding, as soluble cutting oil is a coolant. Yes, we do have this product - we'll drop some down to you next time we're passing!"

The volunteer working on the lathe was very happy to get his delivery the next day of a donated container of the requested soluble cutting oil from Tyne and Wear Oils!

This was the second time we had been able to help the museum out, the first time was in partnership with one of our suppliers for some specialist SAE 30 Engine Oil and Hydraulic Oil.

Tyne and Wear Oils value the work of volunteers helping to keep our heritage projects such as this running, and will always try to lend a hand where we can.

More About Bowes Railway Museum

As well as the museum at Gateshead, there is also a shop and cafe and buildings dating back to 1826 are also open for viewing.

The buildings on the site, such as the Waggonshop and blacksmiths are open during museum open days and guided tours can be arranged.

The museum site is fully is open the first weekend of each month and every week Tuesday - Saturday for static display and requested tours.

Admission is free on non-steaming days, but donations are welcome to support the charity as running the railway is not without cost.

More information about The Bowes Railway can be found at:

Picture Courtesy of Bowes Railway & Wrecksandrelics

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