Tyne & Wear Oils Announces Bulk Supply

For those who thought Tyne & Wear Oils was for only small quantity shipments it is time to think again because the news is that we can supersize any oil requirement.

bulk oil delivery

Actually we are saying it is news here, but only because it is a badly kept secret that many of our customers have been benefitting from for some time.

The truth is that Tyne & Wear Oils has been supplying in bulk for a while now, but not really made the option as obvious as we might have done and that is about to change.

To keep ahead of the ever changing oil and lubricants market, Tyne & Wear Oils uses its bulk buying power to keep our prices competitive for all of our customers.

As with so many things, the larger the purchase the greater the saving. This means that as the size of the purchase goes up, the savings get bigger and many of our customers have already started benefitting from the savings bulk purchases can bring.

Staying Ahead of the Market

In January of 2016 the price of crude oil bottomed out and has been rising ever since. The chart below shows the crude oil price moves over the 2 years to February 2017 and there is no doubt the trend is up. This is more than just a change in the market conditions as OPEC (the oil producers cartel) has been trying to restrict production for some time now to force the price higher - and it looks like they have succeeded.

Oil prices Feb 2015 to Feb 2017

At the time of writing crude oil is trading at about $54/barrel, down from the record peak of $147 in July 2008, but up from the $30 it was in January 2016.

While there are no guarantees of where this will go next, bulk buying now may bring some substantial benefits in the future and some customers have already benfitted by bulk buying in 2016.

You will of course have to make your own decision as to how bulk buying may be useful to your own circumstances, but whether your requirement is a 20 litre drum, a 25 litre drum, a 205 litre barrel, a 1000 litre IBC or a tanker, Tyne & Wear Oils has the flexibility to deliver the solution you require.

Operational Benefits

Aside from the clear cost benefits that bulk supply can bring, having a large store of oils, lubricants or industrial fluids on-site can have other operational benefits. These can range from ensuring supplies are always available for day-to-day use to having a supply on hand for unplanned maintenance in the middle of the night, or during a bank holiday, etc.

In particular a bulk store of hydraulic fluid can be useful for flushing the system or re-filling after other maintenance. Cooling fluids can also be useful to buy in bulk.

More Information

If you would like a no obligation discussion about options for your own bulk supply requirements - please get in touch.

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