Winter Antifreeze

As the leaves change colour, the nights draw in and the wind begins to howl it is now time to make some preparations for winter.

The last couple of winters have been fairly mild so it is fair to say we may be due a cold one for the 2017/2018 season.

car in snow antifreeze neededJust reviewing some of the longer range weather forecasts, we can expect everything from sunbathing on Christmas day to snowmageddon.

One thing is for sure, the weather forecasters have had a job on their hands this year with some very unusual and unpredictable weather.

When the forecasts are a bit questionable, it is a good idea to be prepared for anything - and we are!

This is why we are fully stocked up and ready for some rush orders on long life antifreeze or red antifreeze.

We have both barrels and 20 Litre drums in stock now, so those larger quanities are ready and available for those who are well organised and prepared.

We also have MEG antifreeze, or blue antifreeze, in stock which is available from 5 Litre containers to 20 Litre drums.

Insider Tip

Actually, now you have read this far we can give you an insider tip with respect to antifreeze. Here it is - don't tell anyone.

The worst possible time to buy antifreeze is when it is so cold you need it.

This is because it is then too late and when you do come to buy it, everyone is sold out because all the late buyers buy at once.

Do Yourself a Favour

The end of the year is stressful enough: blocked roads, too little salt on the roads, always dark, Christmas is coming, December is a short month (and seems to get shorter every year). The last thing you want is a breakdown in the dark and cold when time is short.

So, we recommend you do yourself a favour, take some of the stress out of your life and stock up on all of the anti-freeze you can now while demand is still quite low and we have plenty in stock.

We're sitting here waiting for you to get in touch, so give us a call now on 0191­ 416 6288 - you won't be disappointed.

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