SAR Lubricants

SAR Lubricants has a history of lubricant manufacture that goes back as far as 1872.

Over their long track record they have established a solid reputation for blending high quality lubricants with a focus on performance.

SAR Lubricants originally starting out as a specialist textile lubricants manufacturer and supplier for fibre, yarn and weaving products.

SAR ContainersOver time the company has gone on to develop a wide range of lubrication products for additional sectors such as automotive, garage workshop and commercial vehicles, industrial and metalworking fluids, food grade lubricants and greases.

They have and extensive market in the UK, but now export all over the world with a strong presence in Europe.

Product sizes range from small hand held containers through 20 Litre barrels and 1000 Litre IBCs to bulk deliveries of up to 25,000 Litres.

Products are formulated in a specialised blending plant using quality base stocks and additives which are designed to meet the latest OEM requirements and industry standards.

Investing for the Future

The plant is a recent development which represents the ongoing commitment SAR Lubricantas has to invest in the next generation of lubricants.

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