Super Universal Tractor Oil - Technical Briefing

Super Universal Tractor Oil (SUTO) Super Tractor Oil Universal (SUTO/STOU) is oil that can fill several roles. The key difference between Super Universal Tractor Oil and Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) is STOU can be used as tractor / machine engine oil as well as a transmission, final drive, wet brake and hydraulic fluid. Other than that, the two fluids are generally used in the same types of vehicles and equipment.

Because of its multiple uses, our STOU can make machine maintenance easier and simplify the number of oils/lubricants you need to keep around.

As engine requirements become more demanding and transmissions more sophisticated, trying to meet all of these requirements with one fluid becomes harder. The level of engine technology by modern standards is relatively basic, so we usually see our STOU oils going into older machinery, but please check the oil profile for more details.

STOU's (10W-30 and15w-30 viscosity) combine modern additive technology in the approach to universal lubrication of diesel engines, transmissions and hydraulics. They meet most manufacturers' wet brake requirements.

SUTO's meet the five main areas of performance requirement: wet brakes, independent power takeoff, tractor transmission, diesel engine operability and hydraulic pump test.

SUTO's are multi-purpose multigrade oils developed as a universal lubricant for industrial and agricultural wheeled tractors. The product is suitable for use in most agricultural tractors, including many current models.

10w30 or 15w30?

Both our 10w30 and 15w30 SUTO's are '30 weight' oils, so the high temperature thickness (viscosity) of the oil is the same (when the second number goes up, that is then the actual oil thickness goes up - for example a 15w30 vs. 15w40).

The difference then is in the first number which is the 'winter' designation (the 'w' stands for winter, although it could just as easily stand for the more general term 'weather'). The lower this number, the better the oil will immediately flow in the engine at start up.

This first number will determine how easily the oil is pumped to the working components, how easily it will pass through the filter, and how quickly it will drain back to the engine. The lower the number the easier all this will happen. Dealing properly with cold starts is critical to an engine because the oil is cold, and so relatively thick. Once the engine is warm however (or more likely hot), you want your oil to become a little thicker as the need for effective lubrication increases - at this point the lower the viscosity (i.e. the thinner the oil), the less load the oil can support, so your choice must take this into consideration.

As a (very) general rule, 15w30 is just about the closest thing to a 'one size fits all' oil - particularly for older machinery.

A Final Word on Oils/Fluids

Tractor Oils/Fluids (such as our UTTO and SUTO) function as a transmission fluid, wet brake fluid, power steering fluid, and hydraulic oil for the power take-off (and in the case of SUTO also as an engine oil).

Hydraulic Oils/Fluids (such as our ISO 32 and 46) work on straight hydraulic systems, such as: Backhoes, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic vane & gear pumps, and hydraulic reservoirs.

Our promise: We appreciate that ANY piece of machinery is a major investment, and we promise to help you protect that investment with quality oil products. Our Agricultural Oil is genuine High-Quality Virgin Oil not the cheaper recycled oil you might find for just a few pounds cheaper. Tyne and Wear Oils are able to lead on price due to the partnerships we have established over our years of operation. Use our Agricultural Oils to help prevent sluggish operation, downtime and costly repairs!

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