Universal Tractor Transmission Oil - Technical Briefing

What is Universal Tractor Transmission Oil?

As the name suggests, our 'universal' tractor transmission oil (UTTO) is oil that can fill several roles and in that respect is similar to ur Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU).

Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) Although used primarily in farm tractors and combines, it can also be used in NON-farm applications.

Our UTTO can be used to protect transmissions, torque converters, gearboxes and final drive assemblies, hydraulic systems, brakes, oil immersed clutches, pumps and other moving parts on vehicles ranging from tractors and bulldozers to forklifts and other off-road / heavy equipment*.

Because of its multiple uses, our UTTO can make machine maintenance easier and simplify the number of oils/lubricants you need to keep around.

*If you are looking for a universal oil designed to go into almost every part of a tractor / machine INCLUDING the engine, then check out our Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) here.

The primary uses for Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) are farm tractors and combines. However, it also can be used in non-farm applications that have wet brakes, hydraulics, transmissions, or applications in which operators want to simplify the number of lubricants in inventory. These include:

  • bulldozers
  • road graders
  • front-end loaders
  • forestry equipment that have hydraulics and Powershift transmissions
  • buses and trucks that have Powershift transmissions
  • mining equipment with hydraulics
  • lift trucks, from warehouse size to steel mill size - with wet brakes

Further Information

Commonly used in older tractors that don't require dedicated individual oils, and also referred to as Transmission Hydraulic Fluid.

Oxidisation stability: Oxidation causes the thickening of fluids and forms sludge deposits, which reduces performance and can shorten the life of your machine. The oxidation protection provided by the additives in our UTTO keep parts cleaner. Eliminating sludge means better overall performance, gear protection and reduced brake noise, and as a final bonus, clean fluids don't have to be replaced as often!

Outstanding rust and corrosion protection: As water is harmful to a tractor's seals, valves and yellow metal components, our high quality UTTO works to prevent water contamination that results in corrosion and erosion. Corrosion can lead to sluggish tractor performance and potential hydraulic pump failure. The additives in our UTTO provide high water tolerance, enabling the fluid to protect your machines parts from corrosion and erosion in the presence of water. This will optimize your tractor / machines performance and reliability.

Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) 205 Litre Drum Excellent wet brake, anti-squawk and chatter suppression: Our UTTO oil is designed to ensure optimal friction performance when interacting with friction materials. Lack of friction protection causes a screeching noise (squawk!) in wet brakes and reduces the brakes performance. Our UTTO improves braking capacity and prevents brake chatter for greater operator safety and comfort.

Excellent high and low temperature performance: Our UTTO provides excellent viscosity control over a wide operating temperature range. It does not becoming thicker after being exposed to high temperatures over a prolonged period of time. Conversely you can be confident that our UTTO will perform in below freezing temperatures and provide instant lubrication of moving parts for the machine's transmission, steering, braking and hydraulic pump functions.

Exceptional anti-wear and extreme pressure properties

Low foaming tendency and good seal compatibility

UTTO Profile Specs:

John Deere JD 303, JD20A, JD20B, JD20C, J14B; Ford ESN-M2C, 86A/E, M2C-159A, M2C-134, A/B/C/D; Massey Ferguson MF1135, MF1139, MF1143, MF1145, MF1127A; Allison C-4, Caterpillar T0-2, API GL4/CRC N20, CASE MS1207; New Holland NH 420A, NH 410B; Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF- 2; Sperry Vickers M230-S, M2950S; Hanomag, Volvo BM, JCB

A final word on Oils/Fluids:

Tractor Oils/Fluids (such as our UTTO and SUTO) function as a transmission fluid, wet brake fluid, power steering fluid, and hydraulic oil for the power take-off (and in the case of SUTO also as an engine oil).

Hydraulic Oils/Fluids (such as our ISO 32 and 46) work on straight hydraulic systems, such as: Backhoes, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic vane & gear pumps, and hydraulic reservoirs.

Our promise: We appreciate that ANY piece of machinery is a major investment, and we promise to help you protect that investment with quality oil products. Our UTTO is genuine High-Quality Virgin Oil not the cheaper recycled oil you might find for just a few pounds cheaper. Tyne and Wear Oils are able to lead on price due to the partnerships we have established over our years of operation. Use our UTTO to help prevent sluggish operation, downtime and costly repairs!

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