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Tyne and Wear Oils are lubrication specialists here to support you in making the right choice when selecting your lubricant, grease or technical fluid.

Technical SupportWhen the lubricant manfacturers talk about how carefully their products have been engineered - it isn't hyperbole, it's real.

The technical demands of modern machine and operational environments are so great these days that only highly engineered lubrication products could cope. Indeed, modern machines rely on highly engineered lubrication - the development of both the machine and the lubrication it will use, is often undertaken at the same time.

For even highly experienced graduate engineers, the moving target of choosing the optimum lubricant for a particular application is very difficult to track. In fact, unless you specialise in lubrication technology, it is nigh on impossible.

This is where using a lubrication and technical fluid specialist such as Tyne & Wear Oils can deliver so many dividends. We make our money through the products we supply, not through the consultancy we give - so advice is free.

As an independent supplier and stockist specialising in the provision of high performance, cost effective lubrication and engineering fluid solutions to the North East of England, Tyne and Wear Oils is in a perfect position to advise and supply the right type of fluid or lubricant to perfectly suit your requirements.

Hydraulic Fluid OilWith supplies drawn from a range of different manufacturers, plus our own branded blends, Tyne & Wear oils can help you find the optimum balance between performance and price to get the results you are seeking - without breaking the budget.

With an engineering pedigree of more than 20 years supplying high perfomance solutions to challenging industrial sectors such as road haulage and the oil and gas industry, Tyne and Wear Oils has the expertise and experience to select the best possible lubrication and fluid solutions for our customers.

We want to make sure the product we supply is the best product at a price that makes the most financial sense.

Put simply, Tyne & Wear Oils is here to help.


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If you have an immediate industrial lubrication or fluid requirement, then please get in touch now for immediate, free, no obligation advice.